SCHOTT ROBAX® German technology integrated into Bosca heaters

15 | 07 | 2020
SCHOTT ROBAX® German technology integrated into Bosca heaters

SCHOTT is a leading technology group international in the field of special glass and glass-ceramic. With more than 130 years of experience in development, materials and technologies, offer a broad portfolio of quality products and solutions smart. Supported by the prestige of this organization, in Bosca we have chosen them not only as our glass manufacturers for heaters, but also consider them strategic allies for guarantee the safety of our products.

All our wood heaters , wood-burning fireplaces and pellet heaters , have the SCHOTT ROBAX® brand glass-ceramic, making them extremely heat resistant, durable and with an expansion extremely low thermal.

Engineered in Germany

Some of the attributes of our SCHOTT ROBAX® glass-ceramic panels are:

  • Curved or angular shapes.
  • Possibility of many different angles, radii and openings.
  • Good view of the fire from many sides.
  • They have thermal, physical and chemical properties with a resistant outer coating.

Enjoy your Bosca with a pleasant heat, without overheating and 100% safe

The glass-ceramic panels of our Bosca heaters can temporarily withstand high temperatures of up to 760 ° C, and considerable differences and thermal shocks. Precisely because characteristics such as resistance to high temperatures, transparency, heat transfer and long service life, ROBAX® guarantees total protection against the dangers that can be caused by the fire, compared to other conventional glass panels.

There is no doubt that the multiple design options of this great brand, improve aesthetics and add value to our heaters.

For more information about SCHOTT ROBAX® you can access their website at this link: https: // www.