Company founded in 1985, revolutionizing the wood-fired heating system in Chile,
positioning itself from its beginnings as a reference for the market.

Leaders in heating solutions for the home

In 1985 we started the production of heaters in Chile and, since then, we have positioned ourselves as an important leader in heating through firewood and pellets in the market. In recent years, we have expanded our product lines, incorporating electric heaters from high-end and elaborating in our factory new lines of grills to firewood and charcoal made in Chile.

Design and Technoglogy

We are always innovating and targeting new technologies, developing high-quality designs and products that offer a greater efficiency, comfort and economy in homes. Therefore, in 2013 we incorporate new machinery to our production plant to optimize our processes.

High standard quality

Every year we rigorously follow the processes of productive improvement and development, which ensure faithful compliance with the standard. Thus, we have achieved the best results in material emission levels particulate, compared to other heaters on the market.

Our Brands