Average consumption of an electric heater in kw / h

Average consumption of an electric heater in kw / h

Given the imminent arrival of winter, it is a priority to choose the right heating system for our spaces and, of course, according to our budget. That is why at Bosca we have prepared a guide so that you can estimate the monthly consumption generated by the use of electric heating in your home.

Determining factors when calculating Kw / h consumption

  • Kw / h value of the sector or location of the home. The communes and cities of Chile have differentiated rates for charging per kWh and different time periods.
  • Consumption will vary depending on the level of insulation of the house and the height of the ceiling from the floor. The exact location of the heater also plays a role; since if this is not optimal, its operation will not be efficient.
  • The time that the heater or heaters are kept on daily, monthly and weekly. Because this is different in every home.
  • Each person uses the heater at the temperature of their choice, this will affect how many times the thermostat will cut off its operation.
  • Level of overconsumption: no person has the same value of this, the threshold is different, since it is measured by the habits of use of each one, the type and quantity of appliances you have in your home and the ranges of time they are on. In general, the ones that consume the most are: clothes dryers, microwaves, electric ovens, kettles and hair dryers.

Consumption ranges of an electric heater according to its power

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watts Kilo Watts Kl Cal / H BTU / H
750 0.75 644.88 2559,11
1000 1 859.85 3412.14
1500 1.5 1289.77 5118.21
2000 < / td> 2 1719.69 6824.28

Exercise to calculate your consumption

If you use a 1000 W (1Kw) heater you will have the following power consumption:

1 H 5 H 10 H 15 H
1 Kw / h 5 Kw / h 10 Kw / h 15 Kw / h

It should be considered that these effective ranges of heater operation tend to be lower, since there are moments when the equipment is not working due to the thermostat taking it to cut-off, which will depend on the temperature indicated by each user in particular.

But ... what about overconsumption? Is personal. Therefore everything will depend on the particular case of each one. You must consult it in your electricity bill or directly with the energy supplier company of the sector where you live.

In conclusion, before acquiring an electric heater, you should consider the use that you will give it, the size of the spaces you want to air-condition and choose the appropriate power to meet your requirements.

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