Green Commitment

Green Commitment

Environmental certifications

With 30 years of experience, Bosca Chile stands out for being a reference in the market for its products of high quality, innovation and technology. From the beginning, concerned about the environmental impact, it stands out for being the first Latin American company to certify its products before the EPA (USA) and to obtain the CE (European Community) approval.

Our wood heating products have certifications that meet high standards of demand that measure emission of particles and soft drinks, safety and performance, both in Chile and in the rest of the world.

New Campaigns

At Bosca Chile we are focused on offering a quality service, generating the minimum secondary effect to the environment environment. In order to further our environmental commitment, we created the digital campaign "Put a Green Seal on this winter", which seeks to encourage the BOSCA community to contribute day by day with the reduction of environmental damage caused by daily activities, by the simple reason for not knowing its harmful effects.

Delivering tips on energy saving, recycling and other good practices that can be applied both in the home as in

work environment, we seek to keep our community aware that small details can achieve great change. With this campaign, BOSCA continues to affirm its Green Seal on the planet.

When talking about firewood as fuel, three fundamental aspects must be taken into account: the humidity of the wood, combustion chamber technology and user habits.

Fighting pollution

Dry firewood

The use of dry firewood has a positive impact on reducing pollution, specifically, on the generation of of particulate matter. Studies have shown that the combustion process is optimized (increasing heat and reducing pollutants) when the wood contains 25% or less moisture. Therefore, there is greater efficiency and less contamination by reducing the level of water in the firewood.

It is necessary to take into account that firewood as renewable energy has a neutral effect on the balance of CO2 in the atmosphere, without contributing to the greenhouse effect, if it is obtained from forests that are managed in a sustainable way.

Humidity kcal / kg
Green wood < span style = "color: rgb (0, 0, 0);"> 1800-2500
Naturally dried 3400-3800
Artificially dried 4100-450

Download" The manual for the proper use of Firewood