Atlantic electric heating available in Bosca | An efficient, comfortable and safe system 🇫🇷

15 | 07 | 2020
Atlantic electric heating available in Bosca | An efficient, comfortable and safe system 🇫🇷

The arrival of the French brand Atlantic to Bosca in the year 2017, has been decisive to expand to new niches, complementing our vision and ecological responsibility with a environmentally friendly and avant-garde alternative, since the Electric heating is highly preferred by young people and is is becoming more and more transversal, given the benefits, comfort and comfort that it delivers and to the existing offer in the market.

Atlantic is the leading manufacturer of heating high-end electric power in Europe, they are French, and have a efficient, comfortable and safe system. In addition, aesthetically stand out, as they offer beautiful and sophisticated models that adapt to the finest decorations inside the home.

In terms of technology, among its models you will find two types of thermal, convection and radiant solutions, both of which better distribute the heat, avoiding losses and hot spots, to achieve the best efficiency and safety, which is of
great relevance when making the decision to purchase a product from Long duration. Additionally, all Atlantic comply with the Standard IP24 allowing its use in safe areas of bathrooms.

Currently, in all our Bosca stores and on our website, you can find various models of Atlantic heaters: F119, F129, Solius and the new Solius WIFI, available in powers of 750w, 1000w and 1500w. As if that were not enough, for lovers of a bath comfortable, we have the 500w Atlantic Towel Dryer.

Clearly, the worldwide trend is to opt for electric heating, because has no indoor pollution, does not emit particulate matter or odors, is clean and sustainable for the planet. < / strong> In addition our Atlantic heaters are highly efficient, they have a large control unit and high precision thermostat, which will influence in lower electricity consumption and therefore, in cheaper accounts. The more advanced models feature 24/7 smart programming per panel digital, to achieve the best comfort performance with the least expense.

While it is true that choosing an electric heater has innumerable benefits, it is essential to condition our spaces for its correct operation. Above all, we must have a adequate insulation for the home, especially on doors and windows. This will prevent the entry of cold into the home or heat leaks outward. In addition, we must correctly size our spaces to have clarity of the caloric ranges necessary for meet the goal. This is key when it comes to making efficient the chosen heat system will avoid temperature differentials that cause diseases and will be a relief when paying the accounts associated with the heating item.

For more information about our Atlantic electric heaters, enter this link.